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It's in our nature to protect that which we value. We insure our cars, health, homes and the contents. But have you ever considered protecting the data on your computers? There are national insurance plans like LifeLock, which offer identity theft protection, but do little more than reduce some of the misery after the fraud has been committed.

To prevent "professionals" from stealing cars, one can avoid owning cars worth stealing. Your insurance company can provide a list. But most thieves are opportunists. They see the keys in the ignition and if the door is open, its like an invitation, right?

To those who know how, entering computers through the backdoor is just as easy, and as a bonus, there's essentially a zero chance of getting caught. There is no lock on your computer; when you turn it on, the back door swings open. To do their jobs, NSA needs that level of access, I get that. But I wonder how many OS programmers at Microsoft know how the back door works? I wonder if they share? Ever wonder what those tens of thousands of hackers who attend conventions (some sponsored by government agencies) every year discuss?

Liquid-Crypto has protected personal data for years. Keeping important information like passwords, credit card numbers, bank accounts, Wallet items, PINs, and SSNs on your computer is convenient but risky. You eliminate the risk if you encode the information. Liquid-Crypto differentiates itself in how it manages your encrypted files for you.

Liquid-Crypto has two components:
  1. Software that you download (free) and,
  2. An encryption USB flash drive key, or e-Key ($65.)

USB e-Key
  Without an e-Key, Liquid-Crypto can demonstrate what encryption can do. Watch the QTCoder video or if you prefer, download the program and play with it. You'll be a pro in minutes. With an e-Key attached, you can encode the files you deem to be at risk. When you experience how easy it is to encode files and then access and edit them, you may choose to encode files not at risk, just for the benefits that managed access offers.

A last note: The Liquid-Crypto program is "Hardened" - a process that means it self-checks. If even one bit changes since you downloaded it, the program will NOT execute. Hardening also means it's self-inoculated against viruses, malware and tampering.

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